Submit a Proposal!
Deadline Extended: August 1, 2022

Below is the information you will be asked on the submission form, you may want to prepare these questions before filling out the form. They are also in a Google Doc that you can copy here.

Facilitation / Host Contact Information:

1) Primary Contact Person – Name:

2) Primary Contact Person – Email

3) Primary Contact Person – Anticipated Location and Time Zone (October 5 – 7, 2022)

(Optional) Please include the name(s), email address(es), and location(s) for any co-hosts/co-facilitators who wish to be included in the session-specific communications:

Session Information:

4) What is the name / title of your proposed session?

5) How would you describe your session to participants? (100 words)
Alternatively, if you wish to submit a 1-2 minute video describing your session instead, please send an email to with your session title as the email subject line.

6) Provide a brief description of how your session is informed by the values of asset-based community development (ABCD) values. Please be as specific as possible.

Link to ABCD values:

7) What language(s) will your session be hosted in?

8) What is the ideal time frame for your session?

  • 5 – 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • 120 minutes
  • Other…


9 a) Which format(s) best describes your proposed session? Select all that apply.

For more information about session types, visit

  • Wellness Session (e.g. yoga, stretching, meditation, dance)
  • Creative Session (e.g. music, poetry, drawing, video, or other visual and performing arts)
  • Casual Session (e.g. coffee lounge or chat)
  • Participant-Driven Conversations (e.g. open space technology; where participants select conversation topics; group brainstorming or problem solving)
  • Lightly-facilitated Conversations or Discussions (e.g. participants engaging with questions from the host team; world cafe; group discussion)
  • Panel Discussion (e.g. a group of individuals responding to prepared questions and questions from the session participants)
  • Show and Tell (e.g. sharing a practical tool, resource, approach, etc. or a case study)
  • TED Talk (e.g. presentation of information, lecture, storytelling, narrative from ones’ experiences)
  • Other…


9 b) Please select the level of participant/audience engagement for your session:

Will session participants be participating greatly (more than 90%), minimally (less than 10%), or somewhere in between? Will the session participants mainly be listening to the hosts/presenters, will they be interacting or contributing to the conversation regularly, will session participants be leading the conversation, etc.?

1 Minimal Engagement / Interaction (less than 10% of the session will be interactive)




5 High Engagement / Interaction (more than 90% of the session will be interactive)


9 c) Please elaborate on your responses from 9a and 9b and describe how you see your session unfolding:

How do you see the format(s) selected and the level of participation coming to life in your session? 


10a) Please select all that apply for your hosting team:

This response will help the planning team and participants get a sense of who will be hosting / facilitating / presenting your session.

  • Community member
  • Practitioner
  • Academic
  • Government
  • Other…


10b) Please briefly explain your selections above and your relationship to the content being shared. 


11) Each session will require a team of individuals to run smoothly – a facilitator or host (or team of facilitators and hosts), tech support, and someone to take notes. Have you identified individuals for your session team? If so, please indicate the individuals and their roles below. If not, we’ll require this information by July 22nd. 

Terms and Acknowledgements:

12) Please review the list below with your team and and indicate your acknowledgement before submitting the form.

Note you will be responsible for ensuring the content you are using adheres to copyright laws. 

  • I will provide requested information to the planning and organising team by July 22nd.
  • I commit to attending one of the pre-conference tech-teach sessions in September (The planning team will follow up with each submission regarding possible dates).
  • I will obtain permission to use and share copyrighted material(s) prior to my session.
  • I give permission for my story to be shared with the ABCD E-Book team for submission.
  • I agree to my session being recorded.

(Optional) If you are interested in being involved in additional ways throughout the Unconference, please indicate here and someone from the planning team will follow up with you:

  • Supporting the promotion of the Unconference through your social media and/or networks;
  • Providing tech support for another session;
  • Supporting the transcriptions of recordings after the Unconference;
  • Participating in one of the post-event debrief sessions

Thank you!