This year’s Unconference is over a period of 10 days of action and will be supported by a Planning Team and delivered by Regional Coordinators and their teams. 

Planning Team

The global Planning Team will be the central point of contact for all Regional Coordinators and will offer the following support:

  • Provide branded marketing and resources
  • Co-design a 10 day overarching program
  • Coordinate a 10 day Calendar of Events
  • Develop a “10 Days of ABCD in Action” social media and marketing strategy
  • Host weekly Q & A drop-in sessions on Zoom for a month before the event
  • Allocate a Planning Team member to each session for co-design support and consistency in communication

Regional and Topical Coordinators

This role aims to give more flexibility and autonomy to a local team under the banner of The Unconference who will:

  • Call together a regional team to co-design their session and add to the 10 day Calendar of Events
  • Tap into their local assets to make their session a success, e.g. an organisational zoom account, wifi, handouts, other relevant resources
  • Utilise their own networks and connections to advertise their sessions and share content from the Planning Team’s social media and marketing efforts
  • Encourage local ABCD projects and efforts to present their story, strategies, successes and challenges
  • Ensure the presentations are interactive and include a Q&A session
  • Reach out to the Planning Team with any questions or concerns 
  • Attend the Q & A sessions on Zoom in the month leading up to the even

10 Days of Action Calendar of Events

Below is an example only