Hosted by global asset and strengths-based practitioners from around the world, with over 24 hours of rolling time events, this virtual (un)Conference will engage global groups with all levels of formal and informal experience to hold space and facilitate conversations about the questions that have been keeping you up at night about assets and strengths-based action

Key Themes

  • Community strengths, wisdom and resilience in times of crisis
  • Stories of co-creation, gathering and collectivism
  • Disrupting community development

Session Types

Inspire: Inspire through storytelling. Spark curiosity of participant lead outcomes, with interaction.

Participation: for 60 mins session consider including an opportunity for connection

Time allocation: 30mins or 60mins (inclusive of Q&A)

Innovate: Encourage skills development by sharing a practical example of an innovative and applied approach, whilst explaining tools and techniques used.

Participation: considering including a breakout activity for connection and discussion

Time allocation: 60mins or 90mins

Initiate: Bringing together like-minded people around large scale conversations that matter to support the emergence of social innovation and transformation.

Participation: considering including a breakout activity for connection and brainstorming

Time allocation: 90mins or 120mins (longer session may be considered on application)

How to use Qiqo

Qiqo uses Zoom’s video conferencing system as their backbone so learning Qiqo is a breeze!

Get familiar with Zoom, see below.

You are invited to this virtual event on Qiqo 48 hours of global sessions


Starting Tuesday 21st September (US Time)

& Wednesday 22nd September (AU/NZ Time)


Online using Qiqo

What is an (un)Conference?

An (un)Conference is a unique, participant-led gathering which brings together like-minded people around large scale conversations that matter! An (un)Conference can be hosted face to face or virtually and is a gathering hosted by a group of individuals, services or organisations who have noticed an emerging topic/issue in their field.

During the current global climate, this (un)Conference is an opportunity to gather virtually and connect with others, in order to discover new ways of thinking, during this important global shift.

Who is it for?

An (un)Conference is for community members of all ages and abilities, formal and informal leaders and dynamic, creative thinkers from across the street and across the world – it’s for those who seek to excel, innovate and lead change in any sector. In short, an (un)Conference is for anyone and everyone!

How does it work?

This (un)Conference will be a virtual experience whichwill be facilitated by a number of Hosts from diverse communities and experiences by:

  • Hosting Teams offering a range of participatory sessions including talks, activities, movies, conversations & more
  • Experienced (un)Conference practitioners guiding a core team to support participant-driven engagement
  • Participants having flexible options to engage in a variety of sessions around the globe

What’s in it for me?

By engaging in conversations at an (un)Conference, participants will gain a range of new skills, connections and ideas by:

  • Being facilitated in a space that supports deep inquiry and transformation
  • Discovering a network of like-minded people
  • Increasing personal skill development through peer sharing and learning
  • Hearing inspirational stories from global community leaders

How do I participate?

Participants can be a part of this unique, participant-driven gathering by:

  • Registering for the sessions you want to join
  • Attend and participate in the offered sessions
  • Contribute your thinking to the topics and themes
  • Participate in the post-gathering event hosted by the Coady Institute


  • Active participation
  • Global networking
  • Gain new skills and ideas
  • Hosts from over 20 countries sharing their gifts
  • Share stories, wisdom and experience with others



This (un)Conference is only possible due to ABCD practitioners walking their talk and freely offering their skills, abilities and passions.

Thanks to  and  for the support of the (un)Conference.


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