Host Teams
24th to 25th June

Thank you for stepping up to be a Host at the first virtual (un)Conference: Co-creating our future Stories of Hope and Action: “Glocal” asset and strengths-based approaches. The dates are locked in for June 24th to 25th 2020, we have 42 Host Teams from a dozen countries, so far and preparations are well underway.

What is a Host?

Hosts are a huge part of the (un)Conference vision. Your role is to guide and support conversations, during your session, about your selected theme plus, hold an emergent space for deep, participant-driven engagement.

Host Role

The role of Host for the (un)Conference means a group of individuals or a small team from a Host organisation.

The minimum requirements are:

  • Minimum of 3 people to form a team and host a Zoom session
  • Commitment to develop and host a participatory session
  • Capture and share what happens using our harvest templates
  • Host the space – don’t over facilitate

Host Responsibilities


  • Promote the (un)Conference website and Facebook Event throughout your Networks
  • Follow and share ABCD Global on Facebook and retweet on Twitter
  • Build a Hosting Team by collaborating with others
  • Create a Harvest using screen shots, live tweets, artwork, poetry etc
  • Design a participatory session for Zoom with your team (using other platforms is encouraged, e.g. Mural, Jamboard, Coggle)


  • Join Zoom 15 mins before your session for handover and allow 5 minute participantjoining time before you start
  • Encourage deeper engagement through participatory processes
  • Share live, key insights on social media during your session or other sessions you join
  • Take a screenshot of your session’s participants with their permission
  • Handover to the next hosting team 15 minutes before the end of your session


  • Create a small summary including sense-making of the session to add to your Harvest
  • Add your session’s Harvest to your folder in GSuite
  • Attend and participate in the post-event webinar hosted by the Coady Institute and share lessons from the (un)Conference

We are able to offer some participatory process mentor sessions, including testing online platform tools like breakout rooms on Zoom, if required. Let us know if you would like to take up this offer!

We look forward to an passion-filled (un)Conference & to being in teaching & learning with you & your team.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with or any other resources you might need!

Unconferencely Yours – The ABCD (un)Conference Planning Team